Olivia Jeffers
User Experience Designer with a Technical Flare


With many ideas and a few tools, I was a software designer and developer traveling through Asia as a digital nomad. While on a motorcycle trip through Laos and Vietnam...

I found an awesome job in Bangkok with Two Box Ventures as a Product Manager and eventually we created a product called Getmii that is currently based in Cambridge, Massachussetts.

I am currently starting a for-profit company centered around providing information to homeowners on energy use and water consumption for lawn care, encouraging homeowners to use eco-friendly services.



How does UX Design affect your bottom line?

A good design saves money on future development costs. Building a web application is a lot like building a house, and can sometimes be just as expensive. Your business is an investment of your time and money, so be sure to choose a designer who can help get your product out quickly and at low cost.

UX Design

User Experience is a design philosophy that starts and ends with the user. We start with an initial analysis of your business goals and revenue model. Later we move into designing an application that gives your customers a pleasurable experience. Through focus on the user experience, your users can become loyal customers.

UX Services Hourly
Initial Design - Wireframes in Balsamiq$50
Testable Design - Rapid Prototyping in Axure$70
Graphics Design - Photoshop$100
Final Designs - Photoshop with Graphics$150
*These are estimated hourly rates, for per deliverable rates, contact me by email.

Product Development

My focus is on rapid launch of a minimal viable product (MVP). I can help guide you in structuring a development team, or you can place me in your existing team. My rates change depending on the level of backend services and integration that you need.

Development Services Hourly
Pure Frontend - HTML/CSS$50
Frontend Interaction - Custom Javascript and jQuery Functions$75
Integrated with Backend - Ajax and PHP$100
Rapid MVP Development - MeteorJS$150
*These are estimated hourly rates, for per deliverable rates, contact me by email.

Contact Me

If you're interested in working with me, I'd love to hear from you!

Since I am traveling, the fastest way to get in touch with me is by filling out this Google Form or by sending me an email about your idea or project.

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