One day, while walking through our neighborhood, my mother saw a sprinkler watering a lawn, and said in astonishment, "I just can't believe the waste... They use water to grow the grass, and then they pay someobody to cut and take away the grass."

I realized she was absolutely right. The entire process was absurd and wasteful. But it's only wasteful if you know all the civil engineering infrastructure behind a water sprinkler. Without the basic awareness, homeowners have no idea - and are unable to make better decisions.

So what this company does, is it provides landscaping companies with resource efficiency certifications. Some companies completely avoid grass, and instead focus on gardens, mulch, stone, and natural fauna. But ultimately, it depends on the homeowner who decides how they want their home to be presented. By providing a certification process - along with a carefully designed marketing campaign and branding - we can allow homeowners to easily add in "sustainability" to their lawncare and design decisions.

How to Save Water & Energy

Factoid: 95 people in developing countries can live for one week on the water used to water the average lawn in Falls Church, Virginia. See references here.

Factoid: 15 Liters of Oil are used to produce the synthetic fertilizers used to treat the average lawnsize in Falls Church, Virginia. See references here.

Factoid: 1 hour of using a gasoline-powered lawn mower releases the same amount of smog emissions as driving a car 93 miles. See references here.


I am looking for business-minded, entrepreneurial people to get this venture off the ground. Currently, I am looking for an environmental scientist, a graphics designer, and a business development person. If you are a student or professional who is passionate about sustainability and wants to make a difference with a for-profit company, I am looking for you!

Position Role
Environmental ScientistA business-minded and enntrepreneurial environmental sciences student or professional. You will figure out how much energy and water goes into certain lawn maintenance practices, with the goal of providing information for easy-to-understand infographics about energy and water consumption.
Graphics DesignerA graphics designer, student or professional, with a focus on creating clean and easy-to-understand infographics for homeowners. You will also have a chance to design our logos and key branding material.
Business DevelopmentA self-motivated salesperson who is passionate about environemntal sustainability. You will speak to both landscape-care providers and homeowners and provide key insight to the market.

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